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Pedagogical Ecosystems

Questers embody a collective normative duty to protect, advance, and to practice living loving wisdom across all facets at every level of the ecosystems to ensure the sanctity of the pedagogy throughout the entire DMV.

Self Determination

Questers are live the sacred duty to create safe, stable, and sacred conditions across all ecosystems for any ONE to establish their lifelong practice of living loving wisdom as an essential individuated pedagogical modality each member defines for their Self.

Good Deeds

Questers lead the efforts to build systems that only ever adopt collectively vetted good deeds, and work to evolve them together to ensure harms are openly confronted collectively, but always in an effort to preserve the well being of each Self in the DMV.

Civil Discourse

Questers prevent Academic Argumentation and Aristotelian Tyranny from manifesting in the collective discourse to establish pedagogical ecosystems that begin all inquiries from a contextual question with all reasonable ideas considered collectively as a standardized Philosophical Method.

Protect Residents

We are committed to protecting residents of the DMV through a lifelong practice of good deeds, and demand only to revere our sacred pedagogical spaces through nonparticipation as the only form of uncooperative noncompliance.

A Quest Called The DMV

Questers adopt a sacred duty to create the conditions for a symbiotic pedagogical ecosystem, and a deep devotion to safeguard the well being of any resident that adopts these sacred spaces as their ecosystems.

  • NO Nepotism, Predation, or Greed
  • NO Aggression, Violence, or Coercion
  • NO Ignorance, Clandestinity, or Servitude

  • NO Scams, Swindles, or Traps
  • NO Marketing, Advertising, or Publicity
  • NO Professionalization, Convolution, or Indoctrination