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Pedagogical Doubt

We don't believe you. Let your deeds be your proof. The core pillar of pedagogy for this quest is the elimination of the Benefit of the Doubt as a normative duty to preempt any effort to weaponize class, ignorance, or allegience.

Self Liberation

Good. We are devoted to a sacred duty to create stable conditions for any ONE to liberate their Self as an essential pedagogical modality of a lifelong practice of liberation each of us defines for our Self.

Good Deeds

Deeds not Words. Humans become what we do, and do what we are taught. We choose to build systems that only ever lead to collectively vetted good deeds, and evolve them together to ensure harms are openly confronted collectively.

Civil Discourse

Neither Academic Argumentation nor Aristotelian Tyranny are welcome here. A pedagogical space devoted to Doubt begins all inquiries with a question, and all reasonable ideas are collectively considered through a standardized Philosophical Method,

Protect Residents

We are committed to protecting residents of the DMV through a lifelong practice of good deeds, and demand only to revere our sacred pedagogical space through nonparticipation as the only form of uncooperative noncompliance.

A Quest Called The DMV

Better to be of service to a poor master, then to live as they do.

Some feel a sacred duty to create the conditions for human souls to self actualize in a symbiotic pedagogical ecosystem, and a deep devotion to safeguard the well being of any resident that reveres these sacred spaces we inhabit as our ecosystem.

  • NO Nepotism, Predation, or Greed
  • NO Aggression, Violence, or Coercion
  • NO Ignorance, Clandestinity, or Servitude

  • NO Scams, Swindles, or Traps
  • NO Marketing, Advertising, or Publicity
  • NO Professionalization, Convolution, or Indoctrination

  • NO Politics, Religions, or Governments
  • NO Academics, Aristotelians, or Argumentation
  • NO Ivy Leaguers, Aristocrats, or Social Darwinists

  • NO Suits
  • NO Person >$1MM Assets
  • NO Capitalists, Communists, or Fascists