A Socratic Pedagogy
What is Self Unification?

Self + Intentionality + Deeds

The most intuitive way to comprehend the simplicity of Self Unification is to begin from the intended result:

A unified human being is a resolute solitary good Self that only ever acts in accordance with a cohesive Intentionality because it manifests with fidelity in all their Deeds across all the ecosystems they inhabit.




What makes a Self unified?

A human that is centered on their Philosophy, not illusory Roles, in a way that is consistent across all the ecosystems they inhabit irregardless of what they are doing, who they are doing it with, or the reasons they are doing it. This ensures that they only ever act in accordance with a solitary cohesive Intentionality that they live according to that becomes the Pedagogy they bring to every ecosystem they inhabit.

What is unified Intentionality?

A human that is unified in their Self faces the moral decay of social forces that prey on the inevitable inconsistencies that form from the vulnerable pedagogical detachment from oppressive systems of Belief that are designed to enforce Norms exclusively for the unliberated. So it is imperative that the liberated Self only ever be devoted to systems that habituate liberation, not only for the fidelity of their own Pedagogy, but for those they support towards developing their own Pedagogy of Self Liberation.

What does it mean for Deeds to be unified?

A human unified as a Self that lives according to a unified Intentionality that habituates liberation requires the explicit naming of the Duties that only ever manifest as Self Liberation Pedagogy so they can see evidence daily that they are living according to the Standards of their Pedagogy in every ecosystem they inhabit. This habituation is the source of all liberation, for what follows the event is only ever the pain of doing good away from the pedagogies that teach oppressions as the core tenet.













The pedagogy of self unification is so intuitive that just removing oppressive pedagogical obstacles is sufficient to create the conditions for it to manifest. A freed Mind will always seek more Wisdom. But unification is so individuated that not standardizing it at all always leads to oppression. The cognitive vulnerability necessary to achieve unification of a Self is too easily manipulated by nefarious Academics and Aristotelians that rightly regard it as the origin of the liberation pedagogy that inoculates their Weaponization of the Self that only ever seeks to destroy the innate human desire to be tethered to Wisdom towards the Good.

This process of pedagogical habituation is the converse of the Platonic and Aristotelian paradigms forming a foundational difference of Kind that any human can adopt by simply practicing fidelity of their Self to all their ecosystems.

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